ABL Psychological Services can help you if you are limited in any way by learning, behavioural or emotional difficulties. It is challenging and can sometimes be painful to be different in our New Zealand culture. We assess, guide and work with people to recognise and realise their strengths and deal with barriers.


Are you a parent with an unhappy, angry, withdrawn, obsessive, or argumentative, under- performing child or teenager? Does your child have learning difficulties in school in the area of reading, writing, spelling or maths?
We can help you identify difficulties and guide you for your child to be achieving at his/her optimum potential.

Teachers and educational specialists

Are you a teacher or educational specialist who is responsible for a child or teenager who shows ‘problematic’ and/or ‘unresponsive’ behaviours? We can provide valuable information and effective strategies that will make a positive difference.

Medical professionals and other support groups

Do you know a family with a child, teenager or young adult who is limited by anxiety, depression, learning or behavioural problems? We provide a wide range of assessments to meet diverse needs including skilled follow-up, training, counseling, and advocacy which facilitates positive change.

Especially for adults

Are you seeking support for one of the following?

  • Are you an adult who would like to know more about how you learn?
  • Do you want to identify your strengths?
  • Do you want to develop parenting skills? Are you concerned about any addictive or      ‘problematic’ behaviours e.g. anxiety, depression etc.?
  • We provide on-going skilled and tailor-made assistance.
  • Do you need help with your anxiety/anger/sadness/organisational skills?
  •  Are you dealing with stressed relationship?

ABL Psychology provides assessment and support services for the following conditions:
• dyslexia
• dyspraxia
• Autism
• Asperger Syndrome
• not achieving in school
• anger
• challenging behaviours
• concentration difficulties
• giftedness
• emotional difficulties
• relationship issues
• speech difficulties,
• processing difficulties
• sadness
• being withdrawn
• mood swings
• school refusal

• Cognitive Behaviour Therapy-for sadness, depression and anxiety

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