Visual Spatial Learners

Are you a Visual Spatial Learner?

Do you know things without being able to explain how or why? Yes/No
Do you think mainly in pictures instead of words? Yes/No
Do you solve problems in unusual ways?Yes/No
Do you have a vivid imagination? Yes/No
Do you remember what you see and forget what you hear? Yes/No
Are you terrible at spelling? Yes/No
Can you visualize objects from different perspectives? Yes/No
Are you organizationally impaired? Yes/No
Do you often lose track of time? Yes/No
Would you rather read a map than follow verbal directions? Yes/No
Do you remember how to get to places you've visited only once? Yes/No
Is your handwriting slow and difficult for others to read? Yes/No
Can you feel what others are feeling? Yes/No
Are you musically, artistically, or mechanically inclined? Yes/No
Do you know more than others think you know? Yes/No
Do you hate speaking in front of a group? Yes/No
Did you feel smarter as you got older? Yes
Are you addicted to your computer? Yes/No
If answered yes to 10 or more questions, it's likely you are a visual spatial learner.