Help with anxiety

My 7 year old grandson needed urgent help as the result of a minor accident 18 months ago.  He had always been a slightly anxious child and suddenly we were in crisis.  Prakash responded very quickly to our call for help.  For the last 18 months he has been just a phone call or email away when needed.  He has been with us on a journey that has had highs, lows, anxieties and successes.  He quickly developed a warm, positive relationship with my grandson.  He sees Prakash as a key support person in his life and he has a high level of trust of him.  Prakash supported us to meet each challenge and today we have a happy child whose worries occasionally impact on him but they never stay long.

Judy (grandparent)

Less frustration and greater self-confidence

We used the expert services of Prakash a few years back with our oldest son, with great success for his dyslexia.  We therefore had no doubt we would use Prakash for our younger sons behavioural issues. With Prakash’s expert guidance, he was diagnosed with ADHD and Oppositional Behaviour disorder.

From day one, both boys held a great amount of respect for Prakash, this was clearly evident in the way he communicated and listened to our son.  At the end of the day, we were there to help our son with his behavioural issues and feel less frustrated, Prakash is not afraid to highlight patterns of behaviour, we too, as his parents needed to change in order to help our son.  We highly valued this honesty.   

Over a course of a few weekly sessions, Prakash helped us implement systems and structures within the home in order for our son to feel less frustrated and gain greater self-confidence. 

We received a detailed report after the initial assessment with a follow up report clearly defining the process improvements to help our son reach his full potential in a positive way.

We can clearly see the huge improvements and impact this has had on our household.  Our son is much happier, relaxed, confident and willing child.  We highly recommend the services of Prakash Grover.


Andrew and Michelle